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  1. that helps a bit. i'm seeing that the least amount of restriction on a "normal" shot pattern, is the best(/safest) for a slug. is that correct? i've determined that my choke has 4 notches. from looking at the .pdf manual, i have an improved cylinder. which slugs rifled/regular/sabot/etc can NOT be fired through an improved cylinder? would it hurt the gun if i were to just say eff it all, and TAKE OUT the choke? is that a bad thing? chokes man...chokes. thanks again [ 09-28-2005, 07:04 AM: Message edited by: c22m22c ]
  2. thanks for that link. although i'm still confused as to which choke i'm going to need for my previously stated purposes. i was able to browse that site and find an exploded parts manual. very nice. thanks
  3. hey all... just bought a LIGHTLY used M1S90 (so light, in fact, the bolt assembly looks NEW, with no visible wear signs). being that its used its only coming to me with one choke. i don't know which one it is. i intend to shoot federal or winchester birdshot bought locally at my walmart. and i'll be throwing some slugs on occasion. and i'll be using federal 00 or #1 buck for home defense. i don't want to shoot my choke downrange too. so, can anyone help me determine which choke i have, determine if its the one i need for my intended shooting purposes, and/or point m
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