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  1. Thanks for the advice and the pics, can't wait to have my m1014 complete and looking as beautiful as all of yours!!!
  2. just bought my lim. m1014. and purchased the 2 rd mag extension. First is it legal for non L.E to have this installed on gun, I spoke to benelli and they said it is, but i have nothing in writting from them. Second, how does A mech. moron like me install this 2 mag ext. Thanks!
  3. Hey m1014 what kind of sling is he sporting? and do you recommend it or another kind, thanks
  4. thanks M1014 you are the man. I have read many of your knowageable post's, and appreciate your time in responding. I will def. look into.
  5. Hello everyone, I just purchased a new limited m1014 beneeli, with 2 shot extension. The next thing I want is a tactical light underneath the gun not on side. anyone have any suggetions??? Thanks.
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