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  1. DJ Dan, I shoot Hevi Shot in my SBE II both over Decoys and in the field. Modified may be starting to get a bit out there for 50 yard honkers. I would go with a Briley extended IM for that distance. As for the Hevi Shot. 6's are good for ducks, 4's for Snow Geese, and 2's should be used for the big boys at that distance. Good Hunting.
  2. I have been reading past threads in an attempt to find out if the recoil pad size is the same on the ComforTech model as on my Non ComforTech. I have been unable to find a definitive answer Yes or No, so I am asking. Essentially, I am looking to increase the stock length, but the only different pads I can find are for the ComforTech model…which I would actually like because of the nice gel pad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. BTW I DO NOT want to convert my gun to accept any pad. Thanks again. -Derrck
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