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  1. For Black Labs, first train him to stay. Then train him to retreive a ball from stay. ( I used bright red or orange rubber balls, so I could find them in the water). Then make him stay, throw the ball into the water, and shoot at or near the ball with shot gun. He will likely bolt after the ball, but thats OK. This technique has worked for years for me with both setters and retrievers. You have to train him to stay through the shot if you hunt from a boat. I sort of let mine bolt, it builds their initiative. Then you can graduate to multiple balls, 3 or 4. My dogs would never stop
  2. I laid away a Benelli kit with a spring in a 2 shot extension kit ( 57 bucks , ouch?), along with a Nova Pump Tactical. I have not installed it yet and I am worried that it may not work on the Nova Pump Tactical I have laid away. The extension collar appears to be threaded only on one end? ( pick up in 3 weeks). Will the stock Benelli end cap fit onto the extension? The kit comes on a shrink wrapped card with no instructions, do you know where I can get an instruction sheet?
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