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  1. If I get the R1, I am thinking to put my old VXIII 3.5 - 10 x 40 on it. I know once I get the benelli, I won't be shooting my Savage bolt action any more and the money saved by NOT buying new scope for R1 can be spend on good range finder as I am expecting to shoot longer distance with 300 win mag. I am driving to Cableas in WV on this saturday from North Carolina. It will be about 8 hours drive one way. Will update once I get back..
  2. Tucker, Thanks a lot for the nice info. I feel very comfortable with my Savage 30-06 because, when I take it to range before hunting season, I have to ask people at the range "how many bullets do you think passed this hole" I mean that the seconds and thirds bullets goes through the first hole... it is that accurate. I will go for the R1 and try my luck there. I have a Leupold 3.5 x 10 x 40 on it. Do you think that I can use the same one foe R1 or should I get a better one for my R1 and keep the old one on my Savage? Thanks Kamran
  3. I have been hunting for few years with my Savage 110 30-06 bolt action rifle and dropped many deer. Now I am moving to Canada for good and will try dropping some Elk and Moose too. I have tons of store credit/points from Cabelas and I am thinking to get an semi auto rifle. I have couple of Benelli shot guns and I love them. I am thinking to get a semi auto rifle and also being thinking about Benelli R1 in 300 Win mag. What do you guys suggets me.... I am very open to buy any gun and a scope and I can spend $2000 for it. Oh yeah, I am new to guns too...I don't know the meaings of "brake-in your barrel" and "muzzle break"? How it is done and how it helps? Any kind of info will be a blessings for me thanks
  4. I have about $2400 cabelas points or store credits and I am thinking to buy R1 in 300 win mag. I am also moving to Canada for good and would like to know if there is a chance of jamming of R1 in cold weather of Canada. Thanks Kamran
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