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  1. I called Benelli today and Cal's bought these from somewhere besides Benelli. Benelli has not shipped any of these since Feb 15th. She said Cal's most probably bought these from another distributor or retail chain that might have still had them in stock. BENELLI IS CURRENTLY NOT SHIPPING THESE AGAIN DUE TO CURRENT BATF IMPORT LAWS Corin, was the rep I spoke with she said they can legally get them here to their warehouse but are forbidden to sell them. Benelli is activly fighting to have this changed
  2. I just checked the Cal's site and Yeap they are in stock, I would suggest anyone who is looking it from there I have sold all but one of mine, and I will hold onto it as a extra. To M1014 : for your information my profit was $30-33 after shipping on each one of them. Glad you think that is scalping, ebay would have been scalping and having someone pay $500+ for something I paid 100's less for is greedy sorry I don't need the extra $$. I am still getting emails and could easily buy from Cal's and sell to people still emailing me but I am not Everyone has gotten a email back saying Cal's has them in stock for 100.00 with a link directly to the benelli part on Cal's page. Mark
  3. no i did not , **** wish i had , i got mine at a gun show in phoenix
  4. Hey I could sell them for 500 plus like the last one on ebay but I am not. I paid well over factory price for them. If you want one let me know. If I was making a living off them I would have them on ebay. I have a small margin on them yes to cover my costs and havign them shipped but not much more. Sorry you think I am scalping. Maybe you can find some for cheaper and let me know where. Also I have 3 left..
  5. Ok who wants them its the real Benelli part #81043P I have 6 of them and they are new in benelli packaging. I accept paypal or check on these. Price is 220.00 shipped you can call me at ***-***-**** to check availibility. Mark [ 05-14-2006, 06:51 PM: Message edited by: idolan2005 ]
  6. by the way its about 5" groups at 300yrds..that was the last six rounds i put through it
  7. i have no problem grouping in a 2-3" circle @ 100 yards. Mind you I am not the best shooter in the world. I am sure it could get closer with more practice. I have been shooting Frederal Premium in it and the scope is zero'd in for it.
  8. Ok guys, selling mine its 2 months old Comfortec 300 win mag with Leupold Mark 4 3x10 illumintated TMR reticle. I Also have the Medium Mark 4 rings on it and it has 26 rounds through it. ( first 20 were for break in..cleaning after groups of 1, then 3) It is in perfect condition. I purchased from Scottsdale gun club here in Arizona. Every thing that went into this gun is brand new. I recently purchased a Barrett .50 semi auto ( 82a1) so this one has to go. pics avail upon request..paid $1250 for the gun, $1140 for the scope, and $160 for the rings.total of $2550....first $2100.00 gets it. Mark 602-515-3515
  10. finally got it in and the Leupold 60010 scope mounted, its the Mark 4 3.5 x 10 40mm with the illuminated TMR. All I have to say is wow. first day at the range( scottsdale gun club) was insane When teh first shot went off about a dozen people stopped shoting and asked what kind of gun it was. I had no problems with it, I followed break in procedures cleaning after every 4 rounds. Not one problem except that the slide release will not release the slide unless I pull back on the slide as I push the release down, I was told this will loosen up with time. [ 01-09-2006, 11:29 PM: Message edited by: idolan2005 ]
  11. As far as break in goes do you still need to follow break in procedures on a cryo-treated barrel.....? [ 11-27-2005, 03:18 PM: Message edited by: idolan2005 ]
  12. Thanks for the recommendations, hope everyone has a good and safe thanksgiving
  13. Hi everyone,I have been viewing these forums for the last few weeks until my rifle came in yesterday . Now my question, I am leaningtoward the Leupold Mark 4 M1 3.5 x 10 40mm scope with the new illuminated TMR.,my question is will I need high mounts or can I get away with the mid mount rings? By the way for those looking to buy one Scottsdale Gun Club , did me right and with service to match.
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