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  1. Black Jack, That makes sense. Every time it has done it, I have had a lot of clothes on because it was cold. Maybe my clothes are padding the inertia system to much. I'll pay attention to that from now on.
  2. Thanks for all of the comments. Last year I did not have one single problem. This year I am. Could be the ammo? My friends guns are not ejecting when they are shooting 3 1/2 shells while goose hunting. It happens about every third time they fire their guns. One gentleman on here thinks this is B.S. Believe me I have better things to do than type on this internet and make things up.
  3. I'm about ready to pull my Browning gold hunter out of retirement since my Benelli is only capable of firing 1 shot at a time. All of the empties get hung up in the chamber. I have two friends that also are shooting the exact same gun and theirs are doing the exact same thing. I don't think I'm going to make it through this years kansas pheasant season with this gun.
  4. My SBE II, along with two of my friends SBE II's are not ejecting shells either.
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