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    Columbia, SC
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    hunting, sports
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    student, U of South Carolina
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  1. obsession

    Super nova!!

    the new super nova is expected to be released sometime during the second quarter of '06. it will have the comfort tech stock and i am not sure about other changes
  2. when running dogs in south carolina
  3. obsession

    New Nova??

    I went to a Benelli dealer yesterday to look at some Nova's. When i held the Nova i noticed that the "jiggle" in the pump was significantly greater and looser than my Remington Wingmaster. I asked the dealer and he said that most Nova do shake a little more than other guns, but Benelli is coming out with an improved model that is going to cut down on this and also include the comfort tech design. How much truth is there to this, and how long before this new model comes out.
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