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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Garren. Thank you again for your help with the open sights. I did get them from Cal's Sporting Armory. They definitely finish off the gun, it looks BA. My dad also liked them as well, even though the rear sight is not a peep sight. The red optic on the front sight really lights up well. He especially liked how the gun comes up "feels just like a shot gun" he said. So after 30+ years of shooting an M1, now we will see how he likes the R1. He handed the M1 over to me for now. I figure if he does not like it as well as the M1 I will have to give it back to him
  2. Thanks a lot Garren. These are for a Comfortech 30-06 that we bought for my dad for Christmas, so I really appreciate the link.Do you know what type the rear sight is. The reason I have been searching for a peep sight is because he has shot an M1 Garand for about 30 years and its what he likes. Thanks Again.
  3. I am looking for ghost ring/peep sights for the R1. Dose anyone know of a sight manufacturer that makes them. Also what type of sights are the ones Benelli makes Part#81131. As of yesterday the person at BenelliUSA said these sights are backordered, and did not know what type of sights they are.
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