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  1. Will Benelli be selling just the 338 Barrel? Does anyone routinely change out their barrel of would I be better off buying a new rifle?
  2. urnhart

    Change Stock

    I checked with http://www.brownells.com/ and they have or can get the comfortech stock for somewhere around $500 US dollars. I am no expert but I can't see why you couldn't change the stock.
  3. The gun was mailed in to Benelli on the 11th of December and I recieved back it today! Considering the Holidays and work done I think this was an eceptionally fast turn around! A+ to Benelli Benelli replaced a ton of parts under waranty: Gas Cylinder screws, Gas Cylinder, Gas Cylinder Plunger pin as well as some Misc parts. Benelli could have said I modified the barrel and voided the waranty but they fixed the problem under waranty! A+ Benelli. The stock which had swelled do to moisture- Benelli replaced or refinished the stock which appears to be better than new. Again A+ to Benelli I still would like to know what is causing this but based on the lack of responses to my post I belive this is isolated to me. Hopefully everything is fixed because I do like the gun and have no other complaints with it. Even with an 18 inch barrel (20 with Muzzle Brake) and 180 grain round nose rounds I shoot tight groups at 100 yards. In closing Benelli has a great customer service department in my opinion and have been very helpfull.
  4. urnhart

    Camo Stock

    Where can you purchase the comfortechs stock?
  5. I have owned a Benelli R1 30-06 for 2.5 years. Last year just before hunting season while cleaning the gun I noticed a coupling was broke in the gas exchanger attached to the barrel I will attach pics. The gun went back and Benelli fixed the gun quickly but I was unable to use it that hunting season. This year I used the gun and took a buck with it but when cleaning it I noticed the same part was broke as before. What is causing this, the cost of resighting this gun doesnt make me happy but the gun is worthless to me if it keeps breaking! Has any one else had this problem? Also the wood easily soaked up the rain water raising the grains. What can be done to prevent this? and fix it? I expect more from a gun this expensive, I am starting to understand why all the great northeastern hunters use the remington 7600. ( The Benoits, Berniers etc.) The Gun; The Gas exchanger attached to barrel Broken Peice;
  6. urnhart

    Camo Stock

    Anyone think Benelli will sell the camo stock seperatly for the R1? I currently have the wood and its not holding up well.
  7. I have a 30-06 r1 and like the gun overall, I use it solely for hunting. The one thing that I hate is the location of the safety. Is there any one who does or can make a new trigger assembly with the safety located before the trigger (like the Remington)?
  8. Yes I know it will defineatly be louder, right now I shoot a Rem 7400 carbine, I like the shorter barrel, makes it better in the thick brush and blanket bogs of the adks. I will probably never shoot over 60 yards, and will be using a Leupold Vari X III 2.5-8. I guess the reason I want to cut it down is the same reason the Benoits cut theirs down.
  9. Wanted to know if anyone has had the barrel cut down, iam thinking of buying one (30-06) but want the barrel cut to 18 inches. Will this defeet the comfort tech recoil A friend did it on the r1 wood stock with no problems but he also started at 20 inches not 22
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