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  1. I guess it depends on "what your definition of OR is" (or as a once famous man said..."what your definition of IS is") Ha Ha
  2. Revision to above post: I see in one place it says: "any 2 of the following" Then it goes on to say "OR over 5 rounds.. SO...it's AND or is it OR? Who knows?
  3. Ok Austin, Thanks. Yes I have seen some of the ar-15 forum data concerning an M4 or M3 or whatever. The super-90's in tactical form, would probably have the pistol-grip...so that's count 1 against them. My question regards the NOVA which has 0 of the 'bad' things, no pistol-grip,bayonet-lug,folder,etc. As to assembling a gun INTO a configuration that is banned from import under that USC, using more than 10 foreign parts...I get lost. They've covered sears,disconnectors,springs,screws,bolts,washers... let alone recievers,barrels,stocks,etc. As to the NOVA, all it would po
  4. What's the skinny on this new policy to not sell these? It's been a long road finding a Nova H2O, now they won't sell the mag extension? I thought the Clinton ban sun-setted?
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