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  1. does anyone know of a 22 bolt rifle that can handle short long and long rife? it would be nice if i knew another brand that im looking to buy.
  2. iv tried it on a glock all the models but they all dont seem to fit and perform well. they ar least accurate and the top end is usally always different.
  3. so iv given up the 1911 22lr and looking at the rugers. can anyone tell me the best part of them?
  4. so whats the style of them? i know there floded in the market but i need websites. iv been looking at the springfield models and like the style. and whats the best 22lr out there in pistol? thanks
  5. watch he wont get in any truble at all
  6. im in the market for a 1911 in 22lr. i fell like doing a little home extermination and dont fell like using my 12 gauge or .410 with the price of shot. since 22lr is super cheap and fun im looking for a good 1911 that will last and is in the middle with price. i have never owned a 1911 befor but i own a glock a 357 and a 38 super in handguns. please tell me a good gun and your point of view thanks.
  7. this is probally not the place to be asking it buy ohh well. iv sent in my membership dues to the north american hunting club but i forgot to include my information. does anyone know a solution?
  8. heres something that will solve your problems http://www.vectorarms.com/indexframe.html
  9. i dont like to nova pump either. its to short and it doesent reload fast enough.
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