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  1. am I correct in saying their are only two differences between the sport II and the legacy? 1. The legacy has the engravings. 2. The barrells on the legacy and sport II are different? Is the sport II barrel and gun in general more made for trap shooting than hunting. (Primarily be hunting pheasants) The reason I am asking is asthetically I like the stock and chamber of the legacy but I like the barrel of the sport II. And yes asthetics are somewhat important. If it would be good for hunting I could put the Sport II barrel on a legacy correct? (But only if it w
  2. I am trying to decide between a Legacy and Sport II 12 gauge. I will be using the gun primarily for pheasant hunting, some trap shooting. Any imput as to which gun would be better? Performance wise for my intended purposes, which would be the better way to go? How do these guns function compared to other guns? Am I on the right path? I was thinking 28" or 30" barrel? Can the barrel from the Sport II be put on the Legacy? [ 01-17-2006, 12:41 PM: Message edited by: moto680 ]
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