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  1. Thanks Again Butch.....and don't be Jealous, you obviously know your stuff and probably have a great collection. I'm down-sizing....... Getting rid of 2 or 3 rifles for one nice one........ Same with shotguns...... Probably going to get a Legacy or Montifeltro gradeII in 20 Ga. The 5.3 lbs is attactive....................... Z-Balls
  2. I'm looking to purchase a 20 Ga. Semi-Auto for upland bird hunting (Pheasant and Wood-**** mostly). I'm an old "swear-by 12 Ga" owner but I'm looking to go the light-weight route with either the GradeII Montifeltro or Legacy using the 3 inch loads. As you can see I'm also trying to add a little class in my life with those selections. Both are 5.3 lbs. and that's pretty attactive due to the fact we hunt quite a few hours everyday we go.(Brother owns a Pheasant hunting club). Anyone own one??? or recommend one??? I've shot my Brother's 12 Ga Montifeltro and it's pretty smooth.
  3. Thanks for your help Butch.......My primary game is Whitetails...But I have plans for an up-coming Caribou Hunt and figure to go out West for Elk before I die. I'm gonna start with the Federal 180's w/ the Barnes TSX bullet If I can get good results with the 180's, I'll use them for most everything......... We'll see... Thanks again and stay safe, Z-Balls
  4. I just recently purchased the R-1 comfort tech in 300 Win/Mag. Although not my first Benelli, it is my first Benelli Rifle. Does anyone have Ammo Recommendations before I start my test groupings. The Federal Round loaded with the New Barnes Bullet looks good!!!!!! Any Thoughts?? Z-Balls
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