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  1. O.K, enough is enough. So what he's a new Benelli owner with a question and a gripe. I'm a new benelli owner also. Are you going to bash me too. My gun is also broke. Check the forums. I live in Sitka Alaska, and my dealer gets benellis in once a year, right before duck season opens. Im sending it back for a shell ejection problem. I have tried a copius amount of other guns, and really, really really like my SBEII. From what you guys say, I will have it back in no time, repaired properly, hopefully. Saskatchewan Goose hunting is phenomenal, you guys should try it. I want to go again some day.
  2. Yes remy, it is right where the bolt catches the shell to eject it. I looked at a friend of mines gun, an M2 and it seems that the steel lip there is way to thin. Another friend of mine told me his is chipped in the exact same spot, and it is a SBE II just like mine, but a little bit bigger chip and that mine isnt that bad. After going through a good hunt ruined by this, Im sending it back.
  3. I bought a SBE II in Max 4 camo, Dished out the 1350.00 Planned a great hunt for Mallards up here in Alaska. Had two different types of shells, Kent Faststeel and Federals, both #2 shot, and 3" I bought htis gun for the reuptation it has for being best shotgun for Ducks And Geese. Well maybe I'm not so lucky. I was stalking about 300 mallards on a grass flat, and when they flew, hunkered down and hit the call, they turned and came right for me. (Awesome sight) Now comes the frustration. At about 30 yds out, I pull up and dust a very nice drake, attempt to pull the trigger on the next one, n
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