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  1. Do the chevrons come out? If so, how, and how easily are they removed and replaced?
  2. MDTerp34

    New M2

    Been a Nova owner for a few years now but was ready to make the dive to the semi-auto shotgun market and just picked up a brand new M2 26" Black Synthetic and can't wait to get out and shoot it. Fit and feel of the gun is amazing!
  3. Thanks a lot, I'll check out some of the chokes and loads they mention.
  4. Bought my nova the beginning of January and just got out this past monday to shoot it for the first time. Bought it in 12 gauge, Advantage Timber, 26". Shot a friends before I bought it and loved it, fits me well, and shot well with it the other day. I'm gonna use it for a turkey hunt this spring, and I can't wait. Can't wait for the limbsaver to come out later this month. Anyone using a nova for turkey have suggestions for good patterning turkey loads and turkey chokes?
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