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  1. I'll sure do that. As the bozo comes through the door I yell "hang on I gotta lube my pin!"
  2. Joking? Not really. If it's alive and in my house, just shoot 'till it stops squeeling and squiting. If I run out of ammo I just pick up the Remington 11/87. Then use a machete on the left over goo. Ha,ha,ha. LOL etc.
  3. I have tactacle pumps but they require more practice than I can put in now adays for reliable second shots. A semi-auto is much more user friendly. Just pick it up shoulder it, aim and fire till the screeming stops. Back when I could get weekly practice I used the 870 like a master but today I have lost the coordination.
  4. [ Saying that, what will the M2 do that your M121 won't? The M121 works great but I have never liked the part of not being able to load the first round from the magazine. I do not like keeping the shotgun laying around the house with a round in the chamber. It is much safer that when the time of need arises you can just jack around in and go.
  5. Vigorously training is somewhat impossable around my end of the world. I have to drive 1.5 hours to find a place to shoot. Other than membership ranges which do not allow rapid second or more shots so I need to use the national forests which are many miles away through urban wast lands.
  6. The 121 M1 is in excellent condition, probably 90%+. But it seems when I sell a gun about a year later I end up saying,"wish I hadn't done that". As I do not add accessories on a gun and it is a home defense at ranges of 30 to 40 feet I will probably get the M2. I also appreciate the less maintenance to an inertia system over the gas system.
  7. I am not into the accessorizing thing. If the gun can't do the job as built from the factory I do not need it. I do like the M4 especially the Marine Corps aspect but the $300-$400 difference over the M2 would buy a lot of ammo.
  8. I want to get a new home defense shotgun. Which of the Benelli's is best the M-2 or the M-4? Other than price what is the difference? Also I might sell my M121-m1, any idea what it is worth?
  9. Zardoz


    Hello, I have an old Benelli M121m1 which is in excellent condition. Near like new. I am currently using it as my home defence weapon. I was curious what its aproximate value is. I am thinking of selling it and buying its modern equivilent. Thanks Bill
  10. Thank you for the excellent info. Makes me wish I had kept all my old SOF magazines. I subscribe to that for about 7 years. Great reading material. Bill
  11. I have just purchased a model 121-m1 and can not figure out how it works? I have never used a semi-auto shotgun before and I have spent at least 2 hours in fruitless attempts to make this work. I can put rounds in the magazine by pushing in and sliding back the little button on the side of the reciever but when I operate the bolt the shell will not slide out of the magazine and into the loading lever. The solution must be simple! It is driving me nuts or have I got a broken gun? Can anyone help. Thanks Bill
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