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  1. Took the nova out for a quick spin.. Basically all I wanted to do was to test the functioning and do some preliminary pattering at 35 yds. I used the Kent Fasteel Hi-vel and Federal heavy loads. Both are 3" and #2 shot, but the Federal is 1.25oz compared to 1.125oz for Kent. Everything worked fine! The recoil I have read so much about was not that bad, even chucking 3 of those Federals as fast as possible. Although this probably does not compare to the 3.5" shells. See below for targets. Kent: 90 in the circle 15 out 105 total Federal: 108 in the circle
  2. Hi: My Nova is brand new and I was trying to remove the butt pad as it instructs in the manual. I have no reason to remove it other than couriosity. Is there a trick? I cannot get mine to slide/pull off the was the manual describes.
  3. Maybe true, although this was uncontrollable.
  4. What I am talking about is a forceful blow back like a semi, in that the fore stock completely came back to full stop and the empty shell ejected. All I needed to do was move the fore stock forward to chamber the next shell. I am pretty sure that is not in the design of the P350. (several posts exist on this forum describing the same event). I would hope the Nova is not like this. (still have not fired it yet!) [ 03-01-2006, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: Alberta Newfie ]
  5. A Stoeger P350 looks a lot like a Nova and at first inspection it seemed OK. I bought the P350 and took it out for a day of patterning and skeets. First shot through the P350 and the breech blows back like a semi. Second, third shot same thing. The P350 goes back to the store and a Benelli Nova comes out. Some things only look like other things. The Stoeger is a cheap knock off of a Nova, you get what you pay for. The Nova is still unfired due to lack of time. I hope it will fair much better.
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