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  1. Kinny, thanks for the comments. Just to be clear, a US-made extension is not just more available, it would be fully legal, right? Any confirmation on the adjustability of the telescoping stock?
  2. I just assumed that the collapsible stock had a "middle" position based on Benelli's description: Can someone with an 11707 clarify the action of the stock? With regard to the extension tube, this option is a lower priority for me. Are you confirming what I read in the regs, namely that the aftermarket extensions (presumeably US-made) would be legal but the imports (Benelli's) are not? And my main question is can I own a collapsible stock 11707 and be fully law-abiding? I understand how unlikely it is that BATF or other LE will snoop around my safe or question me a
  3. First off thanks for all the posts and the discussion on this forum; for a newbie like me it's been very educational. I have decided to buy a shotgun for home defense and to give my wife some peace of mind when I am away. BTW, my wife is ex-army and has more experience with tactical weapons than I do. She also wants to practice with it regularly when I go to the range. After some research and discussion with friends, I like the M4 for her for: 1) Semi-auto speed/simplicity 2) General build quality/reliability of Benelli 3) Adjustable telestock may offer a better fit with he
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