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  1. We had nice weather on Friday afternoon so I had a chance to shoot finally after all of my cleaning. I ended up shooting six boxes of shells. 100 of which were quality shells such as AA's, Remington Nitros, and Federal Gold's. The other 50 were some of the Winchester Wally World specials. The AA's were 2.75" #8 1oz. The Reminton's were 2.75" #8 1 1/8oz. The Federal's were 2.75" #8 1 1/8oz also. The Winchester Wally Worlds were 2.75" #7.5 1 1/2oz. I did not have a single cycle issue with any of the loads. Lack of proper cleaning was the culprit as I did not order the sure-cycl
  2. Everything has been cleaned and oiled now. Weather has not permitted testing if the cleaning resolved my issues. I also keep the mag cap tight but I may try backing it off two or three clicks. What was your experience with this Rock Hall? The SBE fits me very well, is light, and has performed very well for me except for the previously mentioned issues which will hopefully turn out to be due to lack of proper maintenance by the previous owner. I have no intentions of buying a different shotgun.
  3. The Winchester ammo cycles the majority of the time. I will try Federal and Remington loads this weekend and see what results I get. I did clean the magazine tube and it was dirty - nothing terrible but still dirty. I also clean the recoil spring tube with a 20 ga bronze brush and then a mop. Didn't get much there but it wasn't completely clean. I could not remove either the mag tube or the recoil spring - afraid to use too much pressure - but I had no issues running the cleaning brushes and mops through either. SO I couldn't tell if my recoil spring has any issues. Hop
  4. Thanks for the reply. I will check the magazine tube also... didn't think of that. I have cleaned the pin that holds the shell carrier in place and all of my shells go straight from the box into my shell pouch when I shoot targets. Would it be worth it regardless of the condition of my recoil spring to purchase the Wolff extra power recoil spring then? What about purchasing the sure cycle system... any thoughts? I will clean the mag tube and the recoil spring first and see if neglect is the culprit first.
  5. I purchased a SBE 1 used Jan of this year. Great hunting gun - no issues hunting geese. I have had problems when shooting 2 3/4 #7 1/2 1 1/8oz shells (cheap Winchester target loads from Wally world) for clay pigeons. Every so often the 2nd shell does not load after the fired shell is ejected. I tried shooting three boxes of 3 1/2" #4 1 1/8oz shells and then the Wally World specials - same problem. The 3 1/2" shells cycle just fine. I have cleaned and lightly oiled all parts - except for the recoil spring and tube - with Break-Free products. I have figured out how to check and clean
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