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  1. Any other input? I'd love to hear it all, good and bad.
  2. tucker301 - Thank you! That is great info, I was unaware of this difference, though I have seen clues: I have read that part of the 2000's problem is attributed to the spring around the mag. tube; BUT, Benelli states the entire recoil system is in the receiver and stock. I caught the contradiction, but assumed (you know what happens when one assumes) that Benelli meant everything "except" that spring. Your answer explains the seeming contradiction. What other differences are there between the Benelli and the 2000 version?
  3. I've been looking at the Stoeger board, and owners of the Stoeger 2000 seem to have a lot of complaints about misfires. I'm wondering - Are the Benelli Shotguns with the same operating system having similar troubles? If you own a Benelli with the Inertia Operating System, please post your experience(s) here, good or bad. Also, please post what type (brand, shot size & weight, etc) as there is some discussion that ammo may be at fault. Thank you all in advance!
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