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  1. I am farily new to hunting but been picking up what i can when i can. I am planning on going turkey hunting this fall up here in wisconsin if i get picked for the lottery. I have a nova. I am looking for opinions on chokes and ammo so i can start testing patterns. i was given an Undertaker turkey choke but i read a guy say he had one expand in his barrel and almost ruin his gun. Any suggestions would be great, also any chokes to stay away from and ammo to stay away from would be appreciated too.
  2. greetings all, I am going turkey hunting for my first time this fall in wisconsin. I am looking for suggestions for loads to test patterns on and a good choke. I was given an Undertaker choke for free, guy bought it and got it for the wrong model, but it fits my nova. Any suggestions on loads that you can give so i can have an idea what to test my patterns with and suggestions about choke and any comments on the Undertaker choke i have, thanks all. Chrzion
  3. New to hunting and i have a 12ga nova pump that i want to put a scope on it for turkey hunting. Any suggestions on a optics/scope that wont send me to the poor house and how i can get one on my nova pump.
  4. Going turkey hunting for the first time this coming fall. Curious to hear the general opinion on scopes. thanks
  5. Hello all new to the board and hunting. Just finished up my hunters saftey class and as a gift from a friend he gave me a Nova pump action 12 ga shotgun. I have shot trap with it a couple times already and i enjoy the gun. I am still new to the hunting world so i apologize if i use the wrong teminology or just sound stupid. I intend to go turkey hunting and deer hunting and i know i will need to buy a rifled slug barrel for deer. so my first question is. When i buy the rifled slug barrel is there an easy way to mount a scope to my gun or will i need to install a plate of some sort? My other question is. Is the nova 12 ga pump a good turkey gun? I apprecaite any help i get. I really enjoy the nova so far, havent had much experience with other guns but i like this one and i have learned with this gun so want to stick with it as long as i can. *edit* Another question. I am going trap shooting this weekend with a friend. I have gone a few times already but with a teacher/guide and during those times i always just loaded one shell at a time, never used the magazine. As i was getting ready for this weekend. I checked to see how many shells my gun can hold. Using 2" 3/4 i was only able to fit 2 into the magazine and have one in the chamber, but i read i can hold 4. Is that 3 in the magazine and 1 the chamber and also did my gun come with a plug already installed into my gun and if so how easy is it to remove. Thanks for the help you guys already gave me I really appreciate it. It is helping me learn about guns well at least my nova pump. [ 03-24-2006, 06:24 PM: Message edited by: Chrzion ]
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