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  1. Hey Tucker ~ Thanks for the input. What exactly do you mean by shouldered firmly. I had several layers of clothing on therefore it may have been not pressed against my shoulder like in the spring while turkey hunting... Please let me know what you think as if there is something regarding how firmly the gun is to your sholder then this could have certainly have been the problem. I really remaing perplexed by this as my thoughts were that it should not matter how loosely or firmly the gun is to the back stop... it still should cycle (fire, eject and load another round) Thanks in advance for your advice... David
  2. Have to "slightly" disagree with all of you... there is nothing quite like the sound a turkey gobbleing at 8 yards makes. my all time favorite is the eastern wild turkey. a very close second is the greater canada goose
  3. Hey everyone - I need some help. I will be calling customer service first thing Tuesday morning about my issue however until them I thought maybe one of you have had the same experience as me. Today, while duck hunting, my SBE II did not fire several times when ducks approached. What happened was this; when I would shoulder the SBE II and pull the trigger all that woudl happen would be that another shell would eject into the receiver and the gun did not fire. This was surprising as it has never had a problem as of yet. This happaned four times when the first shot of three was being shot then once after the first soht was fired. (VERY FRUSTERATING!!!) My question is really rather simple; is this something that I was doing incorrectly with the benelli? or was it a product of the extremely cold conditions (+/- 20 degrees F). Please advise as I really don't want this to happen again. I guide with this gun and it is really important that it be reliable... Please advise. David
  4. Hey guys I need a little help here. I reload and shot hevi shot at all my waterfowl and turkeys. I recently splurged and bought a new SBE II. My question is "Is it safe to shoot hevi shot #4's through the Benelli Turkey choke?" The constriction is .665 and should function well however I thought I read that could do damage to the barrel. Is this so??? Please advise as tomorrow I plan on patterning this baby!!!! Thank you in advance for your help....
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