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  1. I bought my SN new 2 years ago and have shot it very little, maybe a box or 2. But why is the action so stiff on it. You have to use a little force to pump it. Is this the nature of the beast?
  2. I noticed that with the safety on my SN has a loose trigger. Is this common? When I went out to pattern my gun I noticed my self flinching and the gun not firing. You have to firmly squeeze the trigger. It just seems to have more play in it than my other guns. Is this normal or adjustable?
  3. what is a good place to advertise my gun for sale online?
  4. westksbowhunter


    For a right handed shooter when I take off the butt pad and look in the gun should I see the letters c dx if the gun is set up for a right handed shooter or should they be facing inside?
  5. It is amazing how people like to talk on the internet or telephone. Usually gutless. It may very well be the nut. But for $1500 I at least ought to be sweet talked.
  6. Well I shipped the gun to the dealer and he called on wednesday when he got it. He shot it on wed and said it shot dead on. He now said he would ship it back. So I gave him a cc# to cover shipping. As of today he has not shipped gun back.. When my wife called him he cussed her repeatedly saying he has sold 1000's of guns. I am so sorry I ever set foot in this dealership.
  7. I sent my sbe II back to dealer and gun shot dead on according to dealer. This gun shoots to the right for me. My 870 and gold hunter pattern perfect. What is my problem with this gun?
  8. I can email a pic of the pattern but can't seem to get one posted here for everyone to view.
  9. I have tried several different shells with the modified and full choke tube that came with the gun. All pattern the same. Here is a pic of full choke 2 3/4 5's 1 1/4 oz. Everything patterns just like this.
  10. This morning my son (12 yrs old) and I went out and shot the rest of our guns with the exact set up and shells as we were using with the benelli and all guns pattern much better than the benelli. My sons gun is a 870 youth for $249 and it blows the benelli away as far as pattern. What a dissappointment for $1435.00. Now tell me there is not something wrong with this gun. You know I was hesitant at buying the gun especially at that price but I figured there was a reason that it is so expensive. The shop I bought the gun from has a range and demo guns. I shot both the benelli and extrema
  11. I put in the c and the cdx shims and gun shoots better. At 20 yds an inch right.
  12. Turkey hunting with the full choke tube that came with the gun.
  13. My new gun shoots 3 inches right at 35 yds. How can I adjust poi with shims?
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