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  1. underwood

    Gas Piston

    I had a problem with shells not ejecting and while taking mine apart to see if I could find the problem I got on the forum and saw Steve's comments and pictures which were a big help. My problem was that the gas piston was stuck in the gas collection cylinder. It was stuck so tight that it wouldn't even wiggle. I put some lubricant on it and after some time I could start to wiggle it but not get it apart. I called customer service and had them look at Steve's comments and pictures told them what my problem was and asked if there were any special ways to deal with the problem. They said that I
  2. underwood

    Gas Piston

    Thanks for the quick reply. At the moment the gas piston is in the gas collector cylinder and appears to be stuck there which is why the shells would not eject. I'm trying to figure out how to get it out or even move it. Rich
  3. underwood

    Gas Piston

    Steve, Great information. I'm having a similar problem on a Comfortech and I think that the assembly is a little different. I don't see a lock ring. Can anybody help me out? Thanks
  4. underwood

    300 WSM

    I'm sure that the recoil is reduced and I would say that it is about the same as my Remington 30-06 model 731, maybe a little less. On the average the groups are 2 inches at 100 yds but I have not had a nice calm shooting day and have not tried different brands of ammo. I've had several groups with 2 touching and the third being 2 inches off. The more I shoot it the better I like it.
  5. underwood

    300 WSM

    I recently purchased a 300 WSM Comfortech. I read all of your comments first. I paid $1169 at Sportsmans Whse. The triger pull is 4.5 lbs which is a little firm but with practice it will be fine. I've put 80 rounds thru it, Winchester 180 grain, and have it almost sighted in. Almost because I have not had a good calm day yet, the rifle is new, and I'm still trying to decide if I want to do it at 100 or 200 yds. I'll be trying some different ammo once I think that it is sighted in and hope to have a decent group with it.
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