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  1. I have a SBE2 3.5" that I use for duck and goose. I bought a SBE2 slug barrel for it and noticed it says 2 3/4 and 3". The website is a bit confusing as it shows SBE2 slug guns 3.5" yet right below it describes the specifications as 3" only. I am going with the 3" max it says on my barrel but does anyone know is there a 3.5" SBE2 slug gun available? I cant tell from the site. Until now I have always used 2 3/4" slugs for long range deer. This spring I am doing close range (50 yard) bear and thought 3.5" might be nice. Thanks
  2. I saw bear and it caught my eye. I plan to use my SBE2 for bear this spring. The bird barrel shoots 3.5" but I noticed my Benelli slug barrel only says 2 3/4 or 3". Do they make an SBE2 slug barrel capble of 3.5" slugs (such as the Lightfield Commander IDS PLUS 3.5" slug)? Bill
  3. duckanddeer

    Benelli SBE 2

    It seems the need for a new forend is individual gun specific. My first SBEII needed some minor dremel work to make the slug barrel fit whereas my new SBEII fit right out of the box. If a need to modify, a few minutes with the dremel and you are set. Start looking for slug barrels now--they can be hard to find. They are a bit long compared to remington, etc but still andf overall lighter package.
  4. Any info on removing and cleaning the recoil spring in the tube in the stock. I had read somewhere on this forum to remove the heavy shipping grease from the spring. I got the stock off and saw the two flats on the threaded tube cap but was unable to remove from the recoil tube with moderate force. I didnt want to force it and am not really sure how necessary it is to get at that spring---it shouldnt really get dirty in there. Nowhere in the Benelli manual does it mention cleaning the spring/tube.
  5. Talking with my dealers and Benelli it does not sound like getting an SBEII barrel will happen anytime in the near future. I have checked some of the places (Ebay and a few shops) from this forum - does anyone have any info on a good place to get a 26" timber camo or a slug timber camo barrel? Thanks
  6. duckanddeer

    SBEII slug

    Originally posted in the Stoeger site--will get more responses here at Benelli forum Question regarding SBEII: I am about to buy an SBEII and want the gun for birds and deer. I will use the 26" bird barrel and the rifled slug barrel (on which I will mount a scope). I can get not a clear answer at Cabelas or local gun shops and they all recommend that I contact Benelli direct. For the above combo what is my best path? - 1) buy the bird gun and then slug barrel separate or 2) buy slug gun and then bird barrel separate. They all say they have heard something about forend changes that may be necessary depending on the two options above. Love the gun-just wanting the info so I can complete the purchase. Thanks
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