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  1. I would like to install a Vent Rib to my Benelli M4 for Birdshot Stages. Anybody has done a Mod like this? What parts would i need? The Optimum woul be if i still can put the Ghost Ring on for Slug Stages. Any Ideas?
  2. No, Bolt is not locked back. It occurs during the cycling Sequence: 3) - When you fire, the chambered round is ejected, the bolt carrier moves back and resets the trigger , a round gets ejected from the tube onto the lifter... -> Bolt is not going forward but is stuck in the rearward postition, Round is on the Carrier, but Carrier does not come up. Have to give it or the bolt a tip. ... the bolt comes back forward, triggers the lifter, grabs the next shell and chambers it
  3. I have the following Feeding Problems with my Benelli M4: The new round is on the Carrier/Shell Lifter, the Bolt is in the rearward position but the Carrier doesnt come up. I have to rack the bolt or tip against the Carrier/Shell lifter. Then it goes up and feeds normaly. How to cure this Problem?
  4. Hi, does anybody know where i can find Pictures, Videos and Infos (Website) about the Benelli M1 Conversion from Thailand (Target Sport). They modify a Benelli M1 to work with interchangeable Mag.-Tubes. Oliver
  5. Yes, very nice posting STA! That is exactly the setup i have. Shot my first match with the gun this weekend (German 3-Gun IPSC Tournament) and it worked 100%.
  6. Yes, correct, i have the M4 with the long tube. Its the only Version available here in Germany. Didn´t realise that you have a Version with shortened Magcap. Mag Extension is from the Benelli Nova, will try a +4 Mag.-Ext. next.
  7. Hi, i get 9 67,6 / 70 mm Shotshells into the extended tube, so with Ghostloading and one in the Chamber i get 11. With 63,5 mm Shotshells (S&B Whiteline Slugs) i get 10+1+1 = 12 Rounds. I will try to install a modified Tacstar +6 Mag.-Extension (for Remington 870)... Oliver
  8. Hallo, i have installed the +2 Mag.-Extension. Now I get 9 Rounds 12/70 into the Mag.-Tube. Would like to have a 10 Shot Mag.-Capacity. Are longer Mag.-Extensions available anywhere? Oliver
  9. Thanks, will try that. Had no time to read the Manual yet.... Oliver
  10. Hello, shot my new Benelli M4 today with 5 different Brands of Low Recoil/Sport Slugs and had a lot of Extracting and Feeding Problems. Maybe because it is new and has to break in? Anyone here did some Tuning to get more Reliability with light loads? What to do? - Polishing all Moving Areas? - Cutting/Replacing Recoil Spring? - Lighten the Bolt? - Can the Gas System be modified? I have seen the SRM Sure Cycle Recoil Spring Tube, is it good and does any of the Models work with the M4? Ist the Recoil Spring Tube in the M4 the same as in the M1? Oliver
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