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  1. Mad Max and Tight wad for sale I will take $35 for the Mad Max and $18 for the Tight Wad or $45 shipped for the pair.
  2. I have a Mad Max and a Tight Wad for a Benelli/Beretta for sale. I would like $35 for the Mad Max and $18 for the Tight Wad. I have installed them but never shot them. They fit my 391 Urika Sporting clays gun and I don't want to turkey hunt with it. I would take $45 for the pair if together.
  3. Why wasn't this part included with my gun? Isn't that part the cast adjustment? Well I was going to post a pic but for some reason...I can't. It is the part in the lower right corner that says SX http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/large/partsShims.jpg
  4. I have a SBE II and it hits about 6" to the right, what shim do I use and how do I install it?
  5. I have a Benelli Super Black Eagle II and I just bought it and it hits about 6" to the right. What shim do I need and how do you put it in?
  6. I have chokes that fit a Benelli/Beretta and they work in my Beretta 391 Urika and I am selling them and the guy wants to know if they work in a Benelli Montefeltro Super 90. I think that they will if I am not mistaken they fit everything but a SBEII and an Extrema II is that correct? Here is the link http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=453348
  7. No I didn't buy anything. I am doing my homework, and I was wondering if anyone else thinks that this a problem and if it can be worked
  8. Are you kidding me, I was looking at a "turkey gun" where there is pricise aiming, much like shooting a rifle. I know none of my rifles have triggers like that. Maybe I am just picky, but is it possible to do a trigger job on them?
  9. For a $1500 gun, I was expecting a better trigger than that. Are you guys getting trigger jobs?
  10. Did anyone mess with a SBE or X II with a Jellyhead and hevi-shot, I know that HS like a slighly more open choke. I was just wanderin' if the Jellyhead was too tight.
  11. I am considering buying a new turkey gun, I have been looking at the Beretta Xtrema, it seems solid and fuctional. What should I buy? I would love to get scary good patterns out of it.
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