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    fort collins,colorado
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    small game,waterfowl hunting camping, fishing
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  1. Oops.. I ment to say ( to eat good you got to shot good) for give me Father for I have sinned.
  2. WOW! all of you really have some interesting experiences with your benellis. I think some of you are funnier then (h-e- double toothpicks) and some of you were being sincere in my quest to buy a great gun, and the rest of you; need some kind of medication. trucker 301; I don't do drive bys.....any more I'll see if I can find a range with some loaner guns if not, I'll think of something. But thanks again, and if anyone wants to add any else go for it. to eat good you got to shoot god
  3. I'v been reading and even watched the videos on benellis, but all the things I'v read on this forum and others makes me nervous about even buying a benelli. I know you get what you pay for, but what I'm worried about is getting a piece of trash and being out X amout of $$ for nothing. I'm on a fixed income and can't be pound foolish. I'v been saving up for this shotgun for over 3 years. And this gun as to last me at lest 10 years. So please tell me the truth about benellis.(I'm wanting to get a nova or supernova for duck&geese and upland game)
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