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  1. I just purchased a benelli slug barrel. With all the new and expensive slugs out there. I just wanted to know what is working for user thanks for saving me some dollars and time!!
  2. High speed driving is controlled by a genesis 2 radar or a lidar laser
  3. Thanks to all for your Info. I will hunt down some winchester sabot and try the hornaday's One more ? 2 3/4'' or 3''. Just ordered an aim point 9000SC can not wait to try it. Oh only 2 tags where I hunt. I was reading guys shootuing ten+ deer in a season. Some places I hunt your lucky to see a couple of deer in a week. then there usually running threw the hardwoods with a hound right behind!
  4. The SBE Slug Barrel is fully rifled. No choke tubes.
  5. I saw that. It look like the shooter was using a smooth bore. Never looked at the barrel of an M-4. You can pay alot of extra $ and not se any better results. The sabots are sold to be better but I didn't know if any one had tried some.
  6. I have just purchased a slug barrel. I am looking to save some time, money and my shoulder. Any sugestion for slugs. I have mounted a Holosite. Thanks
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