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  1. again I wil say I have never ever once used solvent on the extior of my barrel I agree it is odd that it is not on the inside unless it is a defective finish and not lack of care as far as the display it is higher up than my Browing
  2. I have never had the need to use a solvent on the exterior of a barrel and wipe all exposed metal down after cleaning with hoppes weathergaurd cloth the procdures I use to clean my firearms Tucker are the ones the USMC taught me years ago so yes I clean off my solvents and yes I lube all moveing parts aand yes I oil all metals I think you hit it on the head with your statement "dry space in the interior of my home, which is climate controled for temperature and humidity." because uo here in Montana we are so back woods that our bedrooms are actually heated by the potbelly stove in the other room of our 2 room canvas tents that we live in 1 day it is our dream to have one of those new fangled things you guys call houses but until then I guess we have to stick with our tents
  3. In reply to your questions I clean every 1 of my firearms the same way and use hopps cleaning proudcts on every one of them my wife has our room set up with a hunting motif so it is displayed on the wall with my browning no rust on it both shotguns were used on the same days of shooting so exposed to the same conditions and cleaning procedures yes it is the black finish and the rust is on the outside not inside of the barrel so I would assume I got maybe the 10% that had a factory defect in the finish (ohhh ya I forgot there has never been a company in existence that has produced a so called lemon or 1 item of a product line that had a defect) and like I said all of my firearms are stored and treated the same way an in the same room(weatherby 7mm, remington 30-06, remington 22, early I believe when I researched the serial # 1935 belgium browning A-5, S&W 357,ruger .45, whinchester 30-30) So I am not a newbie with cleaning firearms the Marine Corps made sure of that 20 odd years ago. My complaint is that Benelli will not acknowdge that it could be a problem with the finish and as to impacting the sales no I do not assume my post will bankrupt them but if I save 1 person the frustration of a rusted barrel then so be it
  4. forgot to mention I hope someone from Benelli reads this because I plan to post this in every hunting and bird dogforum that I read and belong to or find in my web research
  5. I purchased my brand new in the box Benelli less than 1 year ago (just before last bird season) I havecleaned every time that it was fired. It has been stored in our bedroom along with my other firearms all of my firearms are cared for in the same manner (ex Marine you care for your weapon and it will take care of you) after not touching it for about 2 months I wentto bust some clays (bird season opens in 2 weeks) and what do I discover my barrel is COVERED IN RUST I inspect the other 7 firearms I own and what do I discover no rust on any os them just on my brand new Benelli. Check out the warrenty info and what does it say RUST IS NOT COVERED so what do I say NEVER WILL I BUY ANOTHER BENELLI AND IRECOMMEND THAT NO ONE ELSE BUY ONE
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