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  1. Razec

    benelli legend

    well im back. and sorry to report the legacy was bought before if could get to the store... man i was really bumed out. either way still went hunting and bagged the limit and drank away my anger.. i live in Falfurrias Tx, originaly from Edinburg.. are you who i think you are nodark.. by the way the OU a real nice piece.
  2. Razec

    benelli legend

    no offense taken. its often better to stop, than to just drive on by and glance at things without really looking.. i was kinda wondering if you meant i was gonna go bust a cap in someone.. LOL.. and needed a gun.. thanks for the advice. i guess i better get to the shop and drop the cash before you try to find it "tucker" . opening day is this weekend i'll let yall know how it went on monday. thanks guys.
  3. Razec

    benelli legend

    $825.. like i said before great looking gun, almost makes me think somethings wrong with it, that he wants out of it. Does'nt this gun retail for around $1300-1400 Now why would i be just driving by, just trying to get educated abuot this gun is all. [ 08-30-2006, 09:54 PM: Message edited by: Razec ]
  4. Razec

    benelli legend

    yeah shotgun 12 guage 28" auto. sorry for not making that clear. as you can tell in not familiar with the benelli. just looking to buy a better quality gun an ran across this one im asking about.
  5. Razec

    benelli legend

    Great forum guys got a question?? Im an avid white wing and dove hunter in south tex. I recently came across what i think is a good deal. I stop in at pawnshops from time to time looking for deals. I got offerd a Benelli Legned auto for $500 under cost, its at the shop under consignment. the owners' in a pinch and needs cash. its a great looking gun no scratches of any kind. action is crisp and smooth. How reliable are these guns?? Dont know much about the Benelli can i get some feedback thanks..
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