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  1. Thanks for the option. Looking for the cheaper version of purchasing the pin though
  2. I lost the rear trigger guard pin in my nova (and probably the bushing to go with it). Brownells has been out of stock for 9 months of this pin. Is there anywhere else I can purchase this pin?
  3. I think I have it right now. Thanks for the heads up mudhen. I reinstalled the clips (I think spinning them is the best way for my fat fingers to put them on) the "right" way. The rear pin is very snug now. The front pin will not budge when I flip the receiver and shake it so that is a great thing. It is not as snug as the back one but I am hoping it is good enough for this hunting season.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a small problem. I was grouping my nova the other day and when I went to clean it I noticed I was missing the front trigger guard pin. So I ordered another when I couldn't find it. I did look to see if I needed another d-ring but both were intact. Now I have searched and the d-ring seems to be the culprit for this type of problem. Now, both the front and back are intact but when I push the front pin in, I can tip the receiver over and it will fall out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! By the way, I took off the d-ring to put it back on and can't figur
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