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  1. Thank you all for your prompt responses. Saved me some serious time. I'm going to a get-together this weekend after picking up the M2 and it typically involves lots of clay shooting in the afternoons. Sounds like shooting clays with target loads, rather then heavier loads out of the box, is the way to go. Looking forward to the Benelli experience.
  2. Picking up a 12ga. M2 this weekend (my first Benelli) after hearing from my hunting friends, Benelli is great this and Benelli is great that and you'll never look back After shooting many other brands of shotguns over 30+ years in the hunting field the guys finally broke me down and I figured I'd give the M2 a try this fall. They don't know that yet My question is I hear there is a break-in period for the Benelli shotguns? Can someone elaborate or point me in the right direction for this kind of information? I'll be doing a little traveling to pick up this new shotgun and wanted to have the right shells and cleaning equipment to bring along. Much appreciated.
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