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  1. Cool, thanks guys. Looks like a shiny new SBE II is in my near future (read: this weekend)
  2. Thanks Tucker. So then so long as I use a 1-1/8 oz shot load and 3drams, I should be OK? Anyone have any actual use of 2-3/4" shells that could throw in their opinion. I'm sure you have Tucker, maybe you could ellaborate? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, I have a quick question. I am thinking about buying a new SBE II, and it will be a general purpose gun from turkey, geese, pheasant, and clays. Since it must be multi-purpose, it must reliably eject 2 3/4" shells. So has anyone ever had any issues with the SBE II ejecting 2 3/4" shells since it has a 3.5" chamber (and I assume a tighter inertia spring for the bigger loads?)? I may also consider the legacy or montefeltro if anyone has any opinions. Thanks in advance! Tristan
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