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  1. ok... the pics didnt really help me out much, but i think i figured it out. The spring is about 4 inches long and i believe its called the ejector spring. With the barrel off.. it slides into the breech then the other piece of metal pushed up against it then the barrel slides in/on and rests up against them. I hope that is where they go. Anyways... another question. After the nova has been pumped and fired (dry fire with spent casing) the bolt slides back about 1 inch and stays there. Is this normal? If storing the gun after being fired.. the bold stays open and doesnt completly close. Ive never seen this before with any other pump by other manufacturers. Is this the way the benelli nova operates? thanks...
  2. bought a used nova and origianl owner frigged with it and couldnt get all internal parts back in. im looking for a schematic picture that shows all parts and where they go for the nova pump. thanks...
  3. Are you sure? Can you supply a link? I must be blind because the only 18 1/2 smoothbore barrel on a nova pump i can find has just the blade for the front. However.. i did see a barrel like im describing on a nova semi.... but not a pump.
  4. Hi Is there such a thing as a nova with a 18 1/2 inch smoothbore barrel and rifle sights? Ive been offered on what is claimed it came from factory like this. Havent seen it personally yet as its an internet online deal. Ive done some looking and only ones ive seen are either just a blade in front or ghost ring sights, not a blade and leaf type rifle sight mounted on back of barrel, not reciever like the one im looking at. Could this be factory or a homemade after job????
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