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  1. Wow... I cannot even BEGIN to thank you enough. I'll have to run out and grab all the cleaning supplies today. I plan on going out for a little target practicing this weekend; a great time to give cleaning this thing a try. How often do you think I should be cleaning the rifle? When I bought it, the salesman suggested once every 50 rounds, but I'd think it would be best to clean it after every outing.
  2. Where can you find the .30-06 extra capacity magazines?
  3. I just purchased the R1 with the ComforTech stock in .30-06 this weekend, along with a 4-12x40mm Leupold scope. After sighting it in, I figured I should probably remove what little residue the gun collected as quickly as possible. Is there anything special I should make note of while disassembling and cleaning the R1? What should I use? How should it be done? This is my first semi-automatic firearm, and I want to make sure that I take good care of it, because at $1,165 it certainly wasn't cheap. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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