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  1. Well I did it. I got a Franchi I-12 about 3 weeks ago, have shot about 300 rounds not one problem. I have shot from 1oz 2 3/4 trap load to 1 3/4oz 3" duck load and it work 100%! It so far patterns well with the Rem sportman steel I have picked for waterfoul hunting. I got it in Advantage timber HD 'cause I thought it a more all around camo. I would tell anyone it is a true bargan! Love the gun!
  2. Thanks, I have looked all over for info on if it is cryoed. I have some Dura Coat clear, maybe a good coat of that will keep the nicks at bay. Yes the more I look at it the I-12 looks better and better. It's alot of gun for the price around here the Remington 11-87 with camo finish is almost $100.00 more.
  3. I'm trying to find out more on the Franchi I-12. Is the barrel cryoed as the Benelli? How durable is the camo finish? How rust resistance is it? I have it narrowed down to the I-12 or Remington 11-87 they are in my price range where the Benelli's aren't, and I have had good luck with my Franchi 48 Al so I think the I-12 will give good service!
  4. Well thinks for the help, I think the I-12 will be my choice. I have done alot of reading. It seams to be a good gun. I'm leaning to an I-12 in Hardwood HD
  5. Well I try to keep my guns in good shape, but this is going to be a hard use gun, and one that I use for most game except upland bird. I'll still use my Franchi 48AL 28 gauge for that. I have to say that it is between the Franchi I-12 or the Remington 11-87. I like both and as far as I can tell they are both high quality. I'm leaning tward the I-12. Any more advise would be good as the I-12 is new, and the 11-87 has been around.
  6. I'm looking at the I-12 as a duck/ turkey/ crow gun. Well really it will be used when I need some thing more then a 28 gauge. I don't know if I'm on the right track. What finish for a hard use gun? I'm replacing my old 12 gauge and want something that I can trust, like my old friend but can use steel shot.
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