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  1. I paid $380 for mine in Max-4 brand new. Love then gun, I'd say decent deal, nothing special though. Should come with 3 chokes, IC, M and F, wrench, manual, and a box.

  2. Xpert HV 3" #4's, Kent Faststeel 2-3/4" and 3" #4's and Federal Speed shock #4's. As long as I keep the velocity at 1550 or more, I can kill ducks at all ranges I am comfortable shooting.


    Dropped a goldeneye with Xpert HV #4s at my MAX range, I wouldn't have bothered with the shot if that day wasnt so slow, thats the only duck I got. My guess is he was at least 45 yards away, and I'm pretty decent at judging bird distance.

  3. I do know of force fetch, I plan on doing it, but I am not to sure about it, I've seen the process, and if you do it with the wrong dog, you chance ruining his birdyness.


    He is definately not gunyshy, I could bang a 10 gauge over his head while he is sleeping and he would wonder where the bird fell, not that I would do this. But he does it when he gets tired, which is kinda annoying cause sometimes he gets tired after 20 minutes of hunting, which does me no good.


    He will retrieve anything I throw, heck he was retrieving a screwdriver just a minute ago, but when I throw birds fresh dead or frozen, he tends to play with them, throws them up, flings them, he'll get it to me, but it is very annoying watching him mess with it.


    Then when I shoot a live on over him, he thinks its his bird, he'll play with it, pull feathers, walk away with it. The only time he does good is in water, cause he will bring it to the bank, but then its hit and miss from there. I think I am gonna force fetch him, and make sure I do it by the book. Its hard on the dog, and hard on the trainer, and my dog having half weimaraner, he doesn't respond well to training, or high pressures, which I've heard true weimaraners have a hard time with both.

  4. Well, he is out-doing my buddies 3-3 year old labs, which when I first hunted over them without tank, I thought they were pretty good dogs, but tank is out-doing them which is cool.


    But like yesterday, he will be working an area hard and doing great, and then for some reason he'll start following me for on reason, and we'll miss out on a big area he could be working that I KNOW there are birds in, didn't make sense to me.


    Pheasant is definately easier, just have to go in the brush and find the bird, and stay in range. With ducks he has to sit in a blind, bored, then stay while shooting is going on, go out, find the bird, and bring it straight back. I can see why that would be more difficult. He's doing allright for first season though.

  5. All novas and supernovas shoot 3-1/2" shells. When in doubt, look at the barrel near the reciever on the shell ejection side, it will tell you the size of shells the gun will accept.

  6. These are from the other day, 4 grouse. Not many birds but my dog put them all up. The jack russel helped a bit.


    We limited out on pheasant the other day, he did great, got birdy, chased birds, put them in the air, retrieving isn't doing that great though. He'll get a couple and bring them back, but he will also grab the bird and walk away, or just sit and pull feathers. Won't chew the bird though.


    We just got back from pheasant hunting today, he worked his butt off, and I got one, should have got my 3 but my shooting sucked, and a lot of birds bailed before I got close, but not the dogs fault. He worked close. He has been doing great with upland.


    Ducks are iffy, he will bring them to the bank at least, but I rarely get a full retrieve.



  7. Federal Trueball through the Cylinder tube. I/C would be fine too. I don't think Remington Buckhammers are for smooth bores, but I have used them in a 20 gauge, and they are very accurate.

  8. How do you guys have this problem? I have tried to duplicate this using a SBE, 2 SBE IIs, an M2, and a Legacy, I can bump it on the ground, soft, hard, bang it on the wall, shell in, shell out, I cannot get it to open and stay open, it will bump out a bit, like 1/8" or 1/4", but it goes right back in on its own.

  9. You got it right, they picked the benelli because of reliability, and they chose the gas system on the M4 because with all the attachments of theirs, it can mess with the inertia system.


    So they chose the gas system, you can find this information on Benelli's website.

  10. I forgot to post these. Got them about a week and a half ago. Only one hen in this batch, I've been trying to avoid hitting them, but it was 4 minutes to the end of legal shooting hours for that day and 3 birds came in, I just shot the lead bird, happened to be her, but she filled my limit.


    You can see the young bird in the center.





  11. I love them, I used 3-1/2" Xpert HV, Drylocks and Supremes. The Xperts cycled fine, and killed fine, and they were only like $10 a box last year. Drylocks were great but very dirty, I thought I was shooting burnt newspaper out of my gun. Supremes were the best, but $15 a box for 3".

  12. nice deer!!! I didn't get one this year during gun season, it went out Sunday, but I've still got muzzleloader and bow season to hunt and I just wish I would see one about like yours

    Thanks, Good luck hunting, hope ya bag a biggun!

  13. Just made up bunch of jerky from his hind quarters. My two brothers were living there for a few months, but they are moving out, they are concentrated on work and girls, lost interest in hunting. I'm the biggest hunter in the family.


    I'd live there, but I'm to young, and with noone living there, it is the biggest poached piece of land in the Hardin area. Otherwise we would keep renting it. But because of all the poaching, we aren't going to.


    I love my .243, me and my 3 brothers all got one for Christmas in 02 from my Uncle. I love that gun. Never heard of a 243 that shoots dead flat to 300 yards zeroed at 100, but mine does. But anything past that is unpredicable. Great deer caliber though.


    Just an FYI Tuck, she's 14.

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