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  1. Jim In January here is a late rifle season, in the southern part of Iowa, but I do my rifle hunting in the blue grass state. Up in the hills of the southern part of Kentucky. Holmux
  2. I have a R1 .300 WSM, I put 200 rounds true it, shut a few deer’s and are very satisfied whit it’s performance, it have never jammed on me and it will shoot 1.5” groups. I don’t have any other auto’s to compare it with, so maybe there is a better Auto out there !! I find the .300 WSM a very all-round caliber, I normally use 180 grain bullet, which somebody might find a little on the heavy side, but it’s rock solid in all weather conditions. The Deer’s I have shut, have all been neck shuts and the deer’s dropped dead on the spot, probably possible with a lighter round as well, but I l
  3. Hi All Well gfyoung3, I will not get into the 3 questions, 1 answer confusion, but here is the little experience I have made so far whit the ammo. I have a R1 300 WSM as well, I have only been shooting 180 grain ammo, Winchester Power Point and XP3. I am happy with both, I shot the XP3 on a windy day with very good results, maybe the 180 grain will work for You as well. As a final comment, I don’t have a god, with all the religion and superstition there is in sending a bullet out true a steel pipe, by igniting gun powder, I don’t need one.
  4. Hi All Well I agree with tucker, this is not a target rifle, but a hunting rifle. On the other hand I would like to hit every think I point the gun at, that’s the only reason I would carry it out to the woods, so accuracy is a factor. I got my R1 (300 WSM, not a comfortech ) 2 weeks ago, and I put 100 rounds true it, I have only shot the same ammo until now, Winchester Power Point 180 grain (X300WSM) After the first 60 shots I found my shooting was more consistent, if this was the barrel that needed to get “Broke in” or me getting use to the rifle, I will never know, but I am happ
  5. I just finish sighting my R1, I scoped it with a Buck Master 3-9x40 BDC, I put 100 Winchester Super X .300 WSM 180 grain power point (X300WSM) true the gun over the last week, and my groups are getting closer and lands at the center I aim fore (100 yards) This load is for heavy game CXP3, to heavy for Deer hunting next month, but probably a god load for ‘Shooting in the barrel’. I will try some lighter loads next week, I ordered some Winchester Supreme XP3 .300 WSM 150 Grain and some 180 grain. After shooting with my gloves on at the range, I adjusted my trigger pull a little up ag
  6. I just got my R1 this week, I put 40 rounds true it and was not impressed by the trigger. I adjusted it my self (adjusted the springs, no polishing or grinding), I now have a trigger pull around 3.2 and a very smooth trigger. The lower limit for the trigger pull, is the energy the trigger needs, when You release the trigger after a shot, here the trigger has to move from the lock that catches the hammer after a shot (where the trigger is still pulled back), and move it over to the lock that releases the hammer when You pull the trigger again.
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