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  1. Sivart

    Trouble W/ SBE

    Ya, I've read that thread. Trust me, I have the stock held firmly on the shoulder. It's got something else going on. I'm finding out that I either replace my springs w/ sure cycles, or trade it off and buy an extrema.
  2. Sivart

    Trouble W/ SBE

    I've got a SBE I that I've had problems w/ ever since it was new. It has trouble cycling the new round in the chamber, and now the shell is sometimes getting stuck, coming out of the magazine. The gun was just sent into benelli. It came back worse than it was. The gun is completely clean and lightly oiled w/ synthetic gun oil. I've taken both the magazine and recoil spring out, cleaned, and still gives problems. I'm thinking of going w/ sure cycle springs. Do you think this would solve my problem. Very frustrated.
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