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  1. Thanks for all your comments, except for mudhen who I raise my longfinger at. I ask a legitimate question and look at the ridiculous answer I get. I see he is from California. Probably one of those activist who would like to take our guns and hunting away. Every response I read, that is from him it is insulting and degrading. Before I make a $1200 purchase of a gun, I want to make sure I am getting quality and something that will last. I was set on an xtrema until I decided I wanted something that a little easier to clean and a little more reliable in the cold weather. Thats why I asked
  2. I am going to get a new shotgun in the very close future. I was going to get the xtrema, but then I decided that maybe I wanted a gun that was easier to clean, so I am looking at the SB2. Problem is after reading all the posts, it appears there are lots of problems with the SB2 not cycling rounds like it should. I dont want a gun that I need to fiddle around with or pull out a dremmel after so many rounds to make it work. I want a gun, after broken in correctly shoots fine, unless I fail to clean it. Is the failure to cycle that I have read about on the SB2 common for this gun?
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