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  1. i got a SBEII for christmas. although i had a minor carrier problem, that was quickly fixed thanks to the expertise of tucker. after that was straightened up, i went out and finished breaking in the gun with heavy load ammunition. since then, i have shot about 200 rounds through it while trap shooting and haven't had a problem. i even tried some 7/8 oz loads and those were even able to cycle the gun. every shell is loading, firing perfectly and ejecting. just thought since i posted a problem i should post how happy i am now that the minor complication is fixed. i would recommend a SBE II
  2. tucker - i was able to correct the problem with your first tip. it seemed to just click into place. everything is working smoothly now. thanks again for all the help.
  3. yeah the carrier cycles with the bolt and the mag release button functions. i will be home on xmas day or the day after and i will see if any of your suggestions fix the problem. i will report back then. thanks for the help and happy holidays!
  4. as you slide the shell into the mag, the bottom of the carrier gives increasing resistance. when the shell enters the magazine, it is fine. as the shell gets farther into the magazine, it gets stuck. i cant really explain other than it feels like the shell is being pushed not INTO the magazine but against the top of the magazine tube. its like the angle of entry is off. the only time i get a shell into the gun is when i force the shell in and then i have to force the brass past the edge of the carrier then up to level the shell and then the shell slides in. sorry if i confused you..
  5. tucker - thanks for the reply! i have taken the gun apart a few times and put it back together to see if that would correct the problem and it has not. also, i am able to fire the gun even though shells will not enter the magazine. hoping now that this is not a more serious issue... any other ideas? happy holidays and thank you
  6. i just got my new SBE II for xmas and i am struggling to get shells into the magazine. there is an incredible amount of resistance. i am assuming that there are two possible problems: magazine spring or a carrier problem. the hull doesn't get any resistance but as soon as the brass starts to get closer to the magazine it takes an aggressive push to get the shell through which is why i am leaning towards the carrier. i have never heard of a problem like this so... anyone have any ideas? merry christmas to all and thank you!
  7. i am getting a new SBEII for christmas. i know you have to break in the inertia spring by shooting heavy loads through the gun. is it possible to shoot too heavy a load? take a 2 3/8 turkey load? since i dont have the manual yet (soon!!), i havent been able to check on this. sorry if this is dumb question but i dont want to risk anything...
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