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  1. Spas-15

    Need Help !

    The name of the dealer is: J.B Allen (Brian) or Mike Sunset Weapons System 854 E. County Rd 50 N. Danville, IN 46122 Like I said....If there is anyone that has the parts or can get the parts I need please let me know, I would be very thankful. TIA
  2. Spas-15

    Need Help !

    Tucker thqnks for your reply, But like I said the guy will not return my calls, email or faxs and its been about 14 months. I was ok with the price, an still am (because I really wanted it for my collection) so I feel I did not pay to much, I just want the gun to work properly. Oyea and thanks for the link, I might buy that one to. Moderators is it ok if I can post the name of the dealer who sold me the gun? Maybe someone out there can point me in a new direction. TIA
  3. Spas-15

    Need Help !

    I know its not a benelli but thought maybe some one here in this section may have one or know of someone who has a Spas 15... heres the problem. I purchased a Franchi spas 15 from a gun store dealer, when I received the shotgun I was happy with the otter apperents of the weapon. Its was until I took it to the range to shoot it that I find that the gun does not work. So I called the dealer back and he said to send it to a local gunsmith and send him the bill or the results....I though "cool" this guy is going to be straight, Yea Right! ..... when I took it to my local gunsmith he told me that the weapon was missing the Extractor, Spring and Pin... I asked my gunsmith if he could get them for me ...he said no, that I should have the guy that sold me the gun do 1 of 2 things....... 1, Find the parts and ship them to me or 2, refund my $4500.00 dollars. Well I told the dealer the results and choices.....that was the last time I heard from him and he will not return my calls, email and faxes. So I have been trying to find the parts for about a year now. If anyone could help me locate the parts or sell me the parts I need I would be very greatful. I had one guy named Carlson who sells alot of parts for the spas 12 tryed to help but it fell through ...... By the way the company Carlsons is a very good company, the people there are very helpful. TIA
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