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  1. I can further attest to Benelli's excellent customer support. After a year of owning an SBEII, I noticed the plating on my Modified choke was peeling off. One call to CS, and within 2 minutes I was off the phone, and a new choke tube on its way. Couldn't ask for any better service.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks so much...
  3. I've working on getting to my recoil spring as well...so here's some followup questions. So we use a 17mm wrench to remove the stock retaining nut screw (code 050G) at the end of the recoil spring tube, and then the whole spring comes out the front of the tube? The parts manual indicates there is a retaining ring (code # 183L), but I don't see one on my SBE II? Does the actual tube come off when you take the nut off, or does it stay attached to the reciever? Thanks...
  4. Thanks, I guess I'll just use a brush, and not try to take them off the forend then to clean. One more novice question...before I do as suggested above about cleaning the recoil tube assembly, is the owners manual clear enough on how to do that, or can you experts provide any first-time tips on getting into the guts of the recoil tube assembly? Thanks again for all the great info...I love my SBEII, and want to keep it going for a long time....
  5. Thanks for the quick and accurate responses. I'll walk it out tonight. While I've got the ear of a seasoned SBEII user, what about taking the fore end elastic retainer clips and washers out? They got all wet as well, and as they butt up against the barrel ring, I noticed a little rust right there. Do you recommend taking them off the fore end, (and how?) or just trying to get the rust out with a q-tip, rag, etc. Thanks again...
  6. Spent a couple of days in the rain in Arkansas recently, and need to get my magazine spring out for cleaning on my SBE II. The manual says to use the "right tool" for removing the retainer cap, and I obviously don't have one. Does it just pull out, or is it screwed in? Needle nose pliers work? Any input appreciated. Thanks....
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