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  1. this is actually something that my dad can do to replicate the problem - it doesn't even take too much of a bump when you hit the butt of the gun on the ground. the bolt comes open ~.5mm - 1cm and stays in that position - it doesn't go back closed all the way. nope, definitely not catching on anything. the problem can be replicated as i stated above... it sounds like, from more than one place, that these 20ga. m2' might have a weak spring problem that doesn't exhibit itself often because most of the people buying them are not using them in a manner that brings it out. i think it is time for a call to customer service. having to buy a $150 surecycle on top of a $1k gun seems overkill to solve a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.... wally
  2. hello all - i tried to search for posts on this topic, but either wasn't coming up with the correct terms to try or it hasn't come up before. last christmas, we bought my dad a new 20ga m2 field. he chases chukar maniacally all over nevada, and almost immediately started having a problem with his gun. he has a sling on his gun, and when he is hiking, hangs the gun on his shoulder as would be standard with a sling with the barrel pointed straight up in the air. as he hikes, half the time when he goes to shoulder his gun because birds are near, the bolt has slipped partially open (maybe by 1/4" or so). this makes it so the action is not completely closed (obviously), so he is not able to get off any shots. needless to say, it has been very frustrating for him. is this something that anyone else has seen? if not, do i go and talk to the dealer where we bought it to see what they can do? it is the middle of chukar season right now, and i want him to be able to use the gun without wanting to chuck it down the hill : ) thanks for all the help! wally
  3. i have an m1super90 that i *love*, and i am looking at getting my dad a benelli for his 60th birthday coming up. ~70% of his hunting is putting in miles after chukars (often in very cold weather), and the other 30% is a mix between quail, pheasant, and dove. it has to be a 20ga, and he won't want something really fancy looking (read: legacy), so i am looking at the m2 and montefeltro. i know about the main differences (eg, crio, comfortech)... is there a difference in durability between them? how does each stand up in the cold - do they still cycle well? what are people's thoughts on the m2 holding 3 shells in the magazine, versus the monte with 4? (i ask this because i have seen my dad down 5 chukars from one covey, in a row with 5 shots, without reloading his browning a5 at all) is there anything you don't like about either of them? sorry for all of the questions...i am just trying to figure out which one will work best for him... thanks for the help, wally
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