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  1. K4DV

    M2 break in

    I have been shooting the M2 off and on and doing further comparisons and have had an about face on my first, off the cuff, rebuttle on the Benelli recoil. I think I had my expectations WAY too high at first and was surprised at the recoil and was very discouraged on my first experience with the shotgun. After more firing and shooting clays, I have changed my mind on this shotgun. The recoil is more than a gas gun like the 1187, but it is a different type of recoil. It does kick, but the kick isn't a painful, hurt of a kick like other shotguns. I shot the 1187 again with turkey loads, 2 oun
  2. K4DV

    M2 break in

    The point on the recoil that everyone is missing is this........it isn't that it is kicking so bad that I can't shoot it, the point is that Benelli leads you to believe on their advertising and infomercials that these things are amazing to shoot. Very little recoil and what recoil there is the Comfortech stock absorbs it like a sponge. I can handle the recoil, what ticks me off is that the ONLY reason I dropped $1000 bucks on a shotgun is that I believed the advertising and wanted it based on the premise that it was a light recoil shotgun. But when I shot it and it punched me around for a
  3. K4DV

    M2 break in

    Where did you get 870?......I have one of those too and they are killers !!! But I know one thing, my dad was going to get him a Benelli, but after today.......he said no way. Not trashing them, but for those not familiar with them,( like I was a week ago), don't expect it to be a little 20 gauge cream puff, because it ain't. The infomercials are very misleading to say the least. And no, I ain't keeping it, it is going to find a new home very soon.
  4. K4DV

    M2 break in

    Tested 3 different shotguns today with the same loads and here are the results on the recoil. Remington 1100 was the softest shooter of the lot, and that with no recoil pad. Remington 1187 was a close second on the 1 1/8 oz. dove loads and a clear winner on the 3" 2 ounce turkey loads. Benelli M2 showed a marked amount of recoil over and above either of the above guns. This is a new M2, with the Comfortech stock on it. With the 3" 2 ounce loads the recoil was a lot more pronounced and the muzzle jump a lot more pronounced on the Benelli than on the 1187. To be honest, the Benelli kn
  5. K4DV

    M2 break in

    I agree 100% on not feeling the recoil while actually hunting and shooting at game. You never notice it then for sure. I am going to run a bunch of different ammo through it this weekend and give it a good testing beside a Remington 1187 and a 1100 and compare recoil that way. The Remingtons are both heavy guns in comparison, so it will be a good test to see how the light weight and the Comfortech stock performs vs. a heavy gas gun. I will report the results.
  6. K4DV

    M2 break in

    Good point on the recoil. I noticed it does have a pretty hefty punch,as with any 12 ga. shotgun. I guess when you read up on them so much and believe all the hype and advertising, you expect a soft, gentle little .410......lol. I guess I have it pegged this way.....you trade off the weight of a gas gun and get the same recoil or close. Not going to be a powder puff for sure, but I am anxious to run some 3" magnum 2 oz. loads through it and compare it to my 1187 and see what the difference is. Love the weight and fit. Smooth action. Just hope it doesn't knock me silly with those turkey
  7. K4DV

    M2 break in

    Just purchased a new M2 and was wondering about how many shots does it usually take for the gun to become"broken in" and the action and springs get loosened up and set? Does the recoil usually lighten up a bit after breaking it in good? Any other suggestions on breaking one in? Thanks [ 12-12-2006, 02:20 PM: Message edited by: K4DV ]
  8. The M2 for the money. He probably never would shoot the 3.5" shells and that is basically the only difference in the SBE2 and the M2.
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