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  1. Thanks for the links, unfortuneatly I still couldn't find the right one. The search continues! I did see one on gunbroker, but someone outbid me at the last minute. I would swap my synthetic black hardware with someone who has the wood, but can't find any takers for that either. Rut
  2. Does anyone know where I could find a set of wood stock and fore end for an M1 90? I have the synthetic black and want the wood. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Full Bore, that is exactly the part and website I was referring to! Rut
  4. So is this something only a gunsmith can do? Rut
  5. I saw on a parts list that you could buy the rib seperate for the M1 Super 90. My question is how do you change it? Rut
  6. Where can I find a +2 magazine extender for a M1? All I can find are +4's. Also, will the Nova extenders work on a M1? How about those for the SBE and SBEII? Thanks, Rut
  7. People usually don't yell that phrase while I'm shooting it, but maybe some day! My dad has a Legacy and I just don't understand how a $1500 shotgun can't lock the bolt open with shells in the tube, but I guess it was made to shoot well, not hold the bolt open well. Rut
  8. That is what I had been doing, but I just wanted to give my hunting partners the "visual security" of knowing there wasn't a shell in the chamber. My Urika 391 will do it, so I thought maybe I was missing something with the M1. Thanks, Rut
  9. Is there anyway to lock the bolt open on a M1 with shells in the magazine tube? I can do it when there are no shells in the tube, but not if there are any in it. It would be nice if I could eject the shell in the chamber and leave the bolt open to cross a fence or hand to a hunting partner. Thanks, Rut
  10. I have a M1 Super 90 12 gauge with a synthetic stock, I would rather have the walnut stock, can I buy a replacement in walnut? Anyone out there with a walnut stock wishing they had synthetic? Trade? Thanks, Rut
  11. What model of gun do you have? I have a M1 Super 90 with the synthetic that I would trade (stock and forearm) for the walnut if it was in good condition. Rut
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