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  1. DnJ90

    Ammo Question

    Is there anything I can't shoot out of my Nova tactical?I think someone told me I cant shoot anything with a sabot.Is this true/The supernova is all stock if that makes a difference.Thanks
  2. I sure will,Would anyone know if a side saddle could be mounted on it and which one?Thanks again
  3. Is Benelli comeing out with one?Any one else make one,Preferably Knoxx?
  4. Would I be able to use wolf and Hornady Tap slugs in it?What are your opinions?
  5. I see.Does it matter what kind of slugs I shoot out of it then?Does it have to be like I described above?Please pardon my dumb questions.
  6. Recently picked up a never been used supernova tactical.Is this supposed to have a choke and any other tools with it?If I contact Benelli will they send me a manual or should I just down load it?When the guy at the gun shop sold it to me he said it had a choke and I could only use rifled slugs with no sabot but when I look down the barrel there does not seem to be a choke of any kind.
  7. Thanks for the diagram.I got it.
  8. Hi, all was wondering if any of you could tell me how to take the mag block out of my Super Nova?Just bought the gun and it has no manual,when i looked up the manual for the nova it doesent tell me anything.Please help, at the present time I can only load 2 rounds.
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