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  1. I have had this thing to the range many times and can't complain about accuracy. I'm even new to rifles and I have shot 1" @ 100yds multiple times, not as often as I have shot 3" groups, but I have learned already, "luck" dont have much to do with shooting tight groups! Practice, learn the gun, and the ammo it uses best.....I've tried 8 differant brands in similiar weights, and am happy with what I got.......Remember that its still a semi auto, so obviously it wont be as accurate as a Bolt-action, but I can shoot 4 shots in a hurry before my buddy and his .270 short mag can get his second sh
  2. Sorry I dont have any pics, but I went out to Wyoming this past Sept on the R1's first hunt and got a nice Antelope buck on one shot at 150yds.....and windy as heck! My R1 is the 30-06 Springfield w leuopold scope.
  3. Picked up a 30-06 and mounted a Leoupold 50mm VXL with the Boone and Crockett recticle on it with Warne rings from Cabelas. Anybody have this set up and if so, how does it work together? Have'nt even fired the R1 yet, just waiting for spring to start shooting and sighting it in....any tips? I'm not all that familiar with rifles as I have always used a shotgun for everything, but I am going to Wyoming to try Antelope hunting so I figured I would get a rifle and use it for deer, Elk, Moose, and whatever other big game I decide to try.
  4. I took a hunter safety coarse when I was 15, but I've been hunting with a scoped remington 12 ga till now. Now I just have to figure out how to properly aim a rifle considering all the elements. I look at the ammo boxes and they are zeroed at 100 yds and some drop 14 inches by the time they hit 200yds, is that true? I bought 3 differant types of ammo the other day to try and see which works best with the gun, but I have to wait until I get it scoped first.
  5. Hello, I recieved a new R1 for x-mas which I asked for, but this is my first rifle ever and I dont even know where to begin!? I know nothing about rifle ammo, rifle scopes, care of the gun, break in procedures, sight in, ........you get my drift. I would like to become efficiant enough to take it out big game hunting with confidence. It is the 30-06 and someday I would like to take it out of the deer fields and into Moose, Elk, antelope, and Bear country as well. I wanted to come here because I figured who would know better than R1 owners and experienced rifle shooters. All I can gather s
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